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                                           MEMBERSHIP DUES

$750 Full Family Membership
$350 Couples Membership (no children under 18 living at home)
$200 Charter Family Membership (available for those members who have      been members for 15 years, served on the board, by invitation only.
$50 Initiation fee for new members.

Dues may be prorated (depending on our membership) one time only in August.  Prorated dues are...
$450 Full Family Membership
$250 Couples Membership
$50 Initiation fee for new members



Membership in LRI is restricted to SINGLE FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (all family members residing at the same address). If the people you bring are not living PERMANENTLY in your home, then they are GUESTS. 

An annual membership to Laurelhurst Cabana Club & Pool gives you unlimited access for the season (May thru October).  Members are issued one gate key per family at the beginning of their membership. Additional keys are $10 each. 
Our season opens the beginning of May and closes in October (opening and closure date is weather dependent).  Daily hours for the pool are 9:00am-9:00pm.

Members may bring guests (up to 4 per day / 8 per week) for a nominal $5 (per guest) fee.  Members may also host pool parties at Laurelhurst. See the Party Reservation page for info.

For questions regarding membership, please contact us by phone (408-725-9389) or e-mail (

To apply for membership, please download and complete the Membership Application below.

Please mail or email your completed application to the address below. Dues may be paid by check or credit card.